Turnkey Projects

The “turnkey” concept aims to achieve the solution that best suits the customer’s needs. The turn-key service allows the client to set this time, leaving the Workbuild full responsibility for the final results of the work, in accordance with the specifications of the project.

Our Company counts with qualified and experienced technicians, allowing us to take responsibility of all the works relating to the construction, namely, Electrical Networks, Hydraulic Networks, paintings, computer networks, decoration, furniture and corporate image.

The customer to deliver the draft to Workbuild, just have to worry about the marketing of space ready, within combined.

We have a technical team that includes architects and engineers to study and design your space, developing according to the objectives.

The Workbuild as a partner of the Customers, they also have skilled technicians on obtaining funding to implement and develop the project according to the most appropriate financial solutions to its realization.

We can still collaborate with our customers running:

  • Topographic Surveys;
  • Allotment projects;
  • Projects of structures;
  • Specialty;
  • Landscaping Projects;
  • Interior Design;
  • Financing of the project;
  • The Implementation Costs Controlled;
  • Final Quality Guaranteed.