Projects of Design-build

Workbuild views each project as a new challenge, turning the complex technical solutions in simple technical solutions, developing other construction methods and optimizing solutions as a way to overcome some difficulties that the local market still holds. The Workbuild grab ideas from the client to the intended project, works them in conjunction with him, since the architectural design to Engineering Projects, optimising them in order to achieve the best standards of quality at the lowest cost, always according to the requirements of the client.

Thus, the Project Implementation phases are as follows:

1. Indication on the part of the customer, the objectives, organic, functional characteristics and financial constraints of the work.

2. Verification of the feasibility of the project, presenting proposals and alternative solutions which are more favourable to their achievement.

3. Development of base solution, regarding the general conception of the project.

4. At the design stage, will be developed the elements required for licensing in the entities components. If you are prompted, we assume both the coordination of specialty projects.

5. Preparation of documents drawn and written by providing all the elements necessary for the proper execution of the works on site.

At this stage there will be the specifications, which include:

  • General Technical Expertise and specific building
  • Map of measuring and Quantities
  • Cost estimate

6. Beginning of construction after licensing:

  • Provide project implementation of a solid technical team, coordinated by a Chief Technical Officer of enterprise.
  • Before starting any work, the Preparation of the work according to specifications, in order to target the correct interpretation and interconnection of different Stability projects, specialties and architecture-aiming to end the best and fastest execution.
  • All the action will be supported and developed, in addition to local support, a Central Yard in order to make the work a reality.

We can help customers by supporting them and assisting them with our know-how in order to:

  • encourage the quality at the best possible price;
  • Monitor market trends;
  • Seek constructive solutions appropriate to the objectives of the client;
  • Financial Analysis of the project.