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New Apostolic Church

A building for religious purposes, with a Prayer Room, Tribune and Administrative Offices with appropriate areas for the celebration of Masses, Assemblies and religious events.
This Church is fully equipped with state of the art technology, including sound booth, with smart technology, the surrounding facilities are adequate for the community, with Sanitary Facilities and Ramps for the handicapped.

Images of the project
Technical form

Name of the Work: New Apostolic Church
Client: Private
Type: Relegious Space
Ending: 2013
Location: Palanca, Luanda

Project Description

Building area: 687.20 m2

Structure type: Mixed (reinforced concrete and steel structure)

Finishings: Interior – Smoothed concrete floors with pigment colour, plastered walls and wainscot with shotcrete in public areas.

Exterior – Asphalt pavements in the road area surrounding the building, coating in sand plaster with plastic paint finishing.

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