The Tower

New office building called “The Tower”, next to Oeiras Parque and the future head office of Oeiras City Hall.

Images of the project

Technical form

Name of the Work: The Tower
Client: Private
Type: Office Building
Lenght: 2010
Location: Oeiras, Lisbon

Project Description

“The Tower”, located next to Oeiras Parque offers over 6.000 m2 of gross leasable area (GLA) of new offices.

The construction has a gross floor area of 6.592 m2, 13 floors above ground and three underground floors. These will be used for parking of 356 vehicles over 10.127 m2.

The property is part of the future centre of gravity of Oeiras. In terms of accessibility it features the motorway A5, the distribution roundabout next to Oeiras Parque and also the Oeiras Urban Transport Automatic Service (SATU).

The office building will have direct access to the new phase of SATU Oeiras,  being under study the construction of support facilities (restaurants and small shops), designed to serve not only the users of the building but also the residents in the nearby surroundings. The surrounding areas of the building were cleared of surface parking, making space available for quality landscaping, with surface parking areas only at the rear of the building.

The entire structure of the building will be fully prepared for earthquakes, as well as offering fire detection and extinguishing system. The façade features a combination of double glazing panels, with a stone portico facing east, involving the area of the panoramic lifts. The promoter highlights the fact that the glass is the predominant material of the façade; therefore there has been a greater concern regarding the thermal/acoustic behaviour and maintenance costs.

“The Tower” project will be complete by the end of 2010 and will be marked by large areas of glass, alternating between opaque and transparent, providing a wide and functional reception and outdoor spaces for support equipment.

The building under construction is presented as a unit of average size, especially suitable for large companies, not having, given its typology, major difficulties to achieve the preset programs, following in its design the standards and regulations for this type of buildings.

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