Kwanza Building

Located in Rua Rainha Ginga, a major artery along the bay of Luanda, the Kwanza Building is a major housing solution of high quality, having also a commercial side with its offices. The building consists of 5 parking floors below ground and 18 floors above ground divided into offices, housing and trade.

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Technical form

Name of the Work: Kwanza Building
Client: Private
Type: Mixed Residential e Offices Building
Lenght: In progress
Location: Rua Rainha Ginga, Luanda

Project Description

The level 0, the entrance to the building from the street, establishes a division between the entrance to the houses and the entrance to the offices, for both are physically separated. From each one of them come out independent vertical communications (back staircase + lift ) that are used,  respectively, for housing  and offices. Besides the existing transformer substation and the diesel generators on this floor, all the remaining area is aimed at stores. Also on this floor but on the outside of the building is located the area of ​​refuse collection and access to Waste-Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), with the equipment placed below ground near the access ramp to the basements.

Floors 1 to 5 are divided in residential and office spaces, it is still expected the use of the 5th floor penthouse (the area where the foundation ends as mentioned before) for the installation of a Health Club designed for the residents. The housing typology of these floors consists only of T2.

The 6th floor and up to the 17th floor are exclusively for housing purposes: the 6th floor has a T6 +1 unit and also allows access to the Health Club located on the 5th floor.

For 7th floor up to the 17th floor, organized in left /right wings, are designed 2 units T4 per floor. In general, the interior design of housing provides a distinction between private and social areas which can in some cases be stressed by the presence of a doorway. The entrance hall opens wide and directly to the living room, and includes a toilet for guests. With the exception of T2, in all houses the rooms are suites, existing in some T4 and T6 + 1 a master suite whose bathroom is divided into two: Ladies and Men. Kitchens, besides the direct access from the lift lobby, have direct access to the dining room which in some cases spreads along its width, opening a channel between both spaces.

Concerning the basements, there were designed 5 floors: from basement -1 to -4 there is a car parking and on -5, besides parking spaces, there are technical areas containing potable water installation and water for the fire system, pump room and diesel tank.


Summarizing the project, this set presents the following areas:

• Housing Area: 8378.47 m2

• Office Area: 3666.16 m2

• Commercial Area: 587.63 m2

• Technical Area: 148.50 m2

• Parking Area: 7308.15 m2

• Gross Area: 20466.64 m2

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