Coconut Prestige Office Building

Located in the downtown area of Luanda, Coqueiros Prestige Office Building is a building for offices, consisting of 2 parking floors below ground and 6 floors above ground.
Note that the work done by Workbuild consisted of the construction of the structure of the 2 floors below ground until the ground level which, given to the high water level, has forced a solution of containing molded walls and piles.

Images of the project

Technical form

Name of the Work: Coconut Prestige Office Building
Client: Private
Type: Office Building
Ending: 2013
Location: Coqueiros, Luanda

Project Description

The project comprises the construction of molded walls, bottom slab and piles in order to waterproof the floors below the ground level. Anchoring was also applied as a form of retaining molded walls. Then the structure was built (pillars, slab, central staircases and ramps).

The construction area of the 2 floors below ground until the floor 0 slab are 1687.95 m2, being that 1125.30 m2 are for parking and 562.65 m2 for a commercial area.

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