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The Workbuild in the face of its growth, moved his headquarters from the Tray Commander Che Guevara nÂș 17, for a larger scale installations and more in line with their development needs in Angola and abroad in the near future. Now we are located on the street Comandante Kwenha No. 287 – Bairro Maculusso, Luanda, where we have bigger and better conditions for our employees to work and to receive our guests.

Completion of the Refurbishment of the Green Park of Alvalade, 1st phase, work of great Urban and Social impact, the Green Park of Alvalade in Luanda has already completed Kianda Square. The Administrative Commission of the City of Luanda is the scheduling the inauguration for opening to the public of this refurbished space in the city.

The Workbuild has already started the 2nd phase of this same work, being the objective of CACL deliver to the city of Luanda a unique green space of excellence, which will be endowed with various support restoration and sport areas, thus creating a green lung, a privileged area for leisure and rest in the center of the city.

Work of great social and religious impact is the New Apostolic Church – located at Palanca, which is more a work completed before the contractual term and which will be officially inaugurated in January 26, 2014. We are proud to complete projects before the deadline sought by the owner of the work.