Mission and Values


Get ideas, create projects and build them, are permanent challenges of Workbuild, making it the reality and thereby establishing trust relationships enduring with the owners. Exceed the expectations of the owners of the work, ensure employees your professional and personal development, to ensure an adequate return to shareholders and contribute to the growth of the Angolan national economy, are the fundamental objectives pursued by Workbuild.


The Workbuild develops its action under the aegis of the seriousness and responsibility towards Customers, Employees, Partners, Suppliers, Shareholders and all that somehow relate to her.

The Rigour and Quality put in all jobs, are guarantee of success and satisfaction of all involved.

Ethics and Integrity because they are the principles that guide Workbuild in pursuing the purpose delivery, expecting in return Credibility and Recognition of its Customers, Partners and Peers.

Responsibility and Integrity towards Customers, Employees, Partners, Suppliers, Shareholders and society as a whole.

Innovation and Creativity are part of the human essence to overcome and correct many of the problems which arise on a daily basis. New ideas and solutions are the path to overcome them successfully.

Growth and Sustainability as a way of allowing us to consolidate our position on the market, integrating an increasingly global and challenging competition.