Human Resources

Workbuild follows a policy of valorization on which its employees are the fundamental asset for with requirement, obtain the desired quality standards. Ensure that its essence is the Accuracy and Compliance with the Deadlines, the Seriousness and Competence, being this the right way for the achievement of effective market confidence.

In this sense, are part of the Company’s strategic guidelines the constant promotion of technical qualification of its human resources, providing innovative technologies and learning knowledge of new materials for the construction industry and public works.

Support for the training of its staff has been also a the concerns of Workbuild, because it is known that is in solid training of working, whether workers or managers intermediate, lies the success of operations in which it is involved. The satisfaction of workers who feel comfortable with their work, because they know how it should be done, is one of the keys to the success of the Company.

We work for the individual and collective well-being of all employees, ensuring the opportunity to advance their functions within the Company.